Invest in products that promote healthy scalp and get to the root of the problem! Enriched with nature's gem's to promote growth to damaged and thinning hair. Contains an abundance of herbs with anticeptic and anti-inflammatory qualities. Inflammation results in a breach of the integrity of the dermal papillae of the scalp from which follicles sprout. Clears up the pores to get rid of the bacteria that might clog up the hair pore preventing hair growth. A healthy scalp is essential to hair growth and influences the look and feel of your hair!

Begin with Black Soap Hair and Scalp Cleanser with Tea Tree and Peppermint, followed by our Rosemary Turmeric Hair Repair Conditioner (Apply, massage comb through to ends, let sit 5-10 and rinse), end with the Triple Butter Hair Balm ( Apply to hair and scalp as needed, can be applied immediately after conditioner. Voila, stimulation and growth that you can feel! 😌.

Restorative Hair Growth Trio