We are all sheltering in place however, we can still enjoy the benefits of an awesome spa day! We now have some amazing pamper packages available to nourish your skin and lift your spirit! Each of the packages comes in a hangable wire basket with a skin oil enriched with Hemp, avocado, jojoba, blackseed, herbs for a continuous infusion and more, a corresponding creamy exfoliating body polish with pacific sea salts, an herbal triple butter cleansing bar and a mini herbal shea balm!  Organic and cruelty free!

Lavender - Promotes significant decreases of blood pressure, heart rate, and skin temperature, which leaves you refreshed and relaxed.
Lemongrass -  Calms, relieves stress and insomnia, uplifts your mood, and helps with mental clarity and concentration.
Rosehip -  Uplifting, anti-depressant, calms and lifts the spirits. 

Warm Rustic Woods - A mixture of Mahogany and Cedar. Soothes, comforts and relaxes.

Pamper Package