• Shari Copeland

Our Mission 

Exotic Scents of Mind is minority owned and formulated by a woman for the skin of all ages! My brand was established out of necessity due to a skin condition that I developed which mirrors the symptoms of Eczema. There were times that I found myself forfeiting medicinal products for the trendy skincare that we all love at a hefty price to my skin! As a result, we present to you holistic health + organic + plantbased skin and haircare products with the added benefits of herbal infusions that greatly reduce the limitations of the average consumer with commercial brands and make it possible for individuals with sensitive skin (acne, scars, diabetes, eczema, extreme dryness, etc) to have their cake and eat it too! Our mission is to eliminate the reason to choose by providing products for the entire family that not only smell great but improve the quality of your skin so that you look and feel great as well!

We understand that men are often overlooked in an industry that caters to women which is why our men's skincare is formulated with as much care and attentiveness as our women's line for today's modern man who is health conscious and practical. Those of you that take pride in your skin health can now pamper yourselves, heal your skin and smell fantastic! Our product variety and options are unmatched as they are customized to suit a wide variety of interests and tastes.

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